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chapter 10: page 21

2015-03-05 18:52:34

3/17/15 -- wrist betrayal hiatus
Wrist is fine unless I try to use it for anything whatsoever...sooo improvement? Since it's not really hurting anymore when I just let it sit there uselessly lol... [before it was just constantly hurting/tingling] I'm going to set up an appt with my new doc this week to see exactly where I am with these wrist issues now, cos they are different than the last time I went in.

But yeah, of course this means there is kind of an unplanned hiatus going on now. Real sorry about that, but obviously, can't be helped :(

If you are on Facebook, I suggest following the d*s FB page and enabling notifications from it like so:

...since it's the easiest place for me to update without having to use my comp [my setup is not very ergonomic], and you'll probably hear about any update news there first.

In other news my birthday is on Friday... uh, yay. 8(

I don't get depressed very easily but the #1 sure way is to take away my ability to draw. So scuse me while I go lay on my face uselessly some more. See y'all when I see ya.

[but for real tho...d*s fb page]


Hey guys, I just wanted to give a heads up, I probably won't update this week. My wrist has been acting up lately and I was trying to take it easy, but I think the current page did it in [it was deceptively intense to work on lol]. I was waiting to see if it felt any better today before saying anything, and while it does feel a bit better, it's still sort of alternating between achy and numb, sooo... I think I need to give it a rest for the week, not tempt fate, etc lol. Thanks for understanding :C And really sorry... the timing on this is awful I know ._.;;;

My friend just launched his kickstarter for Snow by Night, and I'm contributing a SbN-themed commission for one of the higher tiers. Check it out!


hey there's no words again


alsoalso after seeing this resized and on the web, i notice something i coulda done with the panels that i didn't do. hmmm.. THERE'S ALWAYS PRINT EDITS.

so still no word from the one person on their fanart, so i'll just post the others i got! [click for their sitesss]

I...think I had a couple more but they're not in my fanart folder...so if I forgot you, msg me x_x; [but maybe i am thinking non-d*s stuff tho cos there has been a handful of that as well]

Plume be doin a kickstarter right now! She already hit goal but THERE ARE STRETCHGOALSSSSS so check it outttttt

[threw this banner together outta crap i found on her website -- so if it looks bad, don't blame her, blame me lol]

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